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Stackable Letter Tray

A4 desk organizer is made of Polystyrene.
The distinctive feature of A4 desk organizer is ‘’portable’’ and ‘’foldable.’’
On account of unique design, A4 desk organizer can be folded up and extended corresponded to conditions.
Economical space meets the costumers’ cost; A4 desk organizer can save the transportation fee through shipping.
A4 desk organizer is able to pile up to 4 tiers.
All types of A4 desk organizer are cost-saving.
OEM and ODM are accepted for A4 desk organizer.
A4 desk organizer is stable and unbroken.
A4 desk organizer is ready assembled.

◆Item:Letter tray
◆Inner carton:20pcs
◆Master carton:40pcs

Inner carton: 20pcs

Outer carton: 40pcs

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